Update your treatment tables

Give your examination tables a fresh new look.  In many cases, the vinyl will thin or we become damaged from the use of chemical cleaners and constant use. As soon as the vinyl becomes damaged, bacteria traps develop which are hard to clean. 

Using a Clinic Armour cover will not only refresh your examination tables at a fraction of the cost but also provides your clinic with the ultimate in hygiene surface protection.  To reupholster an examination table expect to pay between $150-300 per panel.

Approximate Cost of reupholstering versus a cover.

Number of Panels on Bed Re-Upholstering  ClinicArmour 
1 $275-300 $95-150
2 $350 (2 x $175) $95-150
3 $450 (3 x 150) $95-150


Treatment/ Examination Tables are your clinics assets.  The Clinic Armour covers will protect these assets to ensure longevity of your investment.

One of the other major benefits is that you can maintain branding consistency across your clinic by having the same colour on all of your examination tables.  Clinic logo branding is also avilable.





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