Fitting Guide

Our Clinic Armour products are designed to provide a best fit for pillows and treatment tables.

The following procedure is our recommended installation procedure:

1. Place the cover over the treatment table aligning the facehole first on models with faceholes.

2. Adjust the length of the bed by using the strap at the foot end of the bed. Attach the strap firmly to a fixed point of the undersurface of the bed. 

Note you can install a small self taping screw if your bed does not have a point of fixation. 

3. Tension the straps on the side of the cover, by passing them under the treatment table and through the  eyelets on the opposite side.  Tie with a "half hitch knot"


4. Find the straps either side of the face-hole by passing the straps through the eyelets and tension. Repeat on both side

5. Adjust the side or end straps for small adjustments.

6. Use double sided tape to address any cover bunching.   

Ensure the cover remains firm at all times. This will assist in cover cleaning.

Fitting Guide