Massage Cream Cleaning

The best way to remove any residue left behind on a bed cover when using massage creams that are oil based is as follows:

One of the industry leading massage creams that many practitioners use and trust is Premax.  This does contain some ingredients that are oil based : olive oil, cocoa butter, almond oil, lanoline, beeswax, and several other citrus oils (Premax Massage Cream- Essential). Some of these may leave a small area of residue on the covers.

The good news is that they will clean off.   If you notice any residue on your cover or if it is a little shiny, you may need to review the cleaning agent or the cleaning techniques that you use.  


We have found that agents with a surfactant/detergent base will work the best when dealing with any massage creams that contact oil.   You will also find towel drying the covers will further reduce the risk of any residue build up from the actual cleaning agent.



  1. Ensure the cover is firmly fitted but not tight, so that you can apply pressure when cleaning.  You want to feel the cleaning agent free up any residue.
  2. Use a Chux style cloth, microfibre cloth or paper towel to wipe the area
  3. You may find that a spray bottle with some pH. neutral dishwashing detergent cleans the area well

Steps we recommend: 


You may need to repeat the steps above if any residue remains. 

This process has been supported by the team at Premax.

If you have any other cleaning question please do not hesitate to contact our team.