The new normal of clinic hygiene


In talking to many clinic owners, the same theme comes up. 

Over the next few years clinic hygiene is paramount and the cleaning practices that we have all become too familiar with are not going away.

Here are some additional tips for Clinic owners:

  1. Use alcohol sanitizer to clean any equipment that clients come in contact with. Weights, ultrasound probes etc before and after using.
  2.  Wipe down all contact surfaces between clients with your preferred cleaning agent
  3. Remove any signs of dust/grime from any part of your clinic-  any sign of lack of cleaning will reflect on your clients confidence in your clinic. This means a vacuum is needed at the first signs of any dirty feet/boots.
  4. Use a steam cleaner to sanitize down surfaces such as waiting room tables, chairs etc
  5. Ensure hand sanitization is available not only on entry and exit to your clinic but also in examination areas.       
  6. Continue to temperature check clients.
  7. Don't be afraid to clean down surfaces in front of clients.  Not only will this allow more dry time but also provides a visual of your clinics hygiene practices. 
  8. If you are working in a gym or class environment provide all participants with spray bottles and train them to clean as they go.
  9. Remove all marks off covers using approved cleaning agents. Look out for hair, sweat and makeup marks and all areas that have come in contact with your patient.  Think of it as a sterile workspace.

    We know all of this can add tasks and time, but to remain a successful clinician it is our new norm.   

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