How to reduce your clinic laundering and improve your carbon footprint?

By adding Clinic Armour products on examination tables, you will eliminate the need to launder pillowcases, and bed linen daily.

All our products have been designed to be cleaned by wiping down with approved cleaning products. No longer will you need to send pillow or bed covers for off-site or onsite laundering.

If you previously used paper bed covers, you will save hundreds of dollar each year per bed by no longer requiring these. 

Most clinics are no longer using paper pillow covers when a patient is supine; some will still choose a paper cover for people lying in prone.


By reducing your laundering and paper cover use, you drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

Added Benefits of using Clinic Armour:

We are sure you have noticed that after treating a smoker that the smoke smell can stay on bed linen. 

Well, the added benefit of a wipe down cover is this will no longer be an issue. We have had great feedback from practitioners relieved that the smell of smokers does not remain on our covers for the next patient.

Being an environmentally friendly clinic is well received by patients. Promote your use of reusable, washable covers on your social media pages, website and newsletter. You will be amazed at how this is received by your patients/clients.


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