Bed cleaning process and COVID audit

In Victoria, Australia  - we have been in stage 4 lockdown for 6 weeks with another 4 weeks likely.

During this time as a physiotherapist, we have been able to only see essential cases. 

We started using the Clinic Armour covers a few months ago and this blog outlines how these have helped us streamline the cleaning process and ensure increased patient and practitioner hygiene.

Like many clinics, prior to COVID-19, we used terry-towelling and linen on our beds and pillow covers.  With increased cleaning needs these proved to be a possible risk area that we needed to eliminate. Replacing these with Clinic Armour covers has made surfaces easy to clean,  and avoids any possible sites of contamination.


1. Remove any absorbent materials such as cotton or fabric patient interfaces (this should include chairs)

2. Ask clients to bring in their own towels.

3. Create zones for patients to put items- such as keys/phones, so that they are not put on your desk/tables

Between Client Cleaning of Treatment Rooms  
These are the steps suggested between consultations.
1. wipe down all contact areas (bed covers, pillow covers, chairs) using a detergent-based cleaner   It is recommended that you use paper single-use or a washable micropore style cleaning wipe.

2. any spot cleaning can be done with an alcohol wipe solution- such as in the face holes or where any sweat areas.  

3. allow to fast dry or use of hand towel to spot dry.

4. Wipe down all equipment using a 70% alcohol-based agent before and after use. This includes items such as hand weights, dynamometer, electrotherapy contact items.

5. Avoid patients contacting door handles and wipe down between consults with a 70%  alcohol wipe solution.

During the Day Cleaning of Treatment Rooms
These are the steps suggested between at major breaks in consultations. We have been doing this at the end of the mornings and afternoon sessions

1. wipe down all patient and therapist contact areas with a TGA approved COVID cleaning agent- in our clinics we use ViracleanTM) 

2. Vacuum carpet areas and mop wet areas to ensure the clinic is in an optimal condition.  Any specs of dirt or marks on the carpet will put some doubt in your clients' mind about the hygiene of the remainder of your clinic.

3. Wipe down keyboards, mouse and equipment trolleys.

The remainder of the clinic undergoes a similar cleaning process twice per day. 

Cleaning Audit

As part of reminding open during a pour "heat restriction" phase, we MUST maintain a copy of our clinics cleaning.  An outline of cleaning requirements can be found at Safework Australia

A sample of how this may look in your clinic can be downloaded here .

Demonstrating optimal clinic hygiene is a major step in rebuilding your business.  Most of these principles are likely to remain in place, which is a good thing.  Start working with your clinical and administration team to ensure everyone is on board and part fo this process.  

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