Footpad Armour

Foot Pad Armour

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Welded seams give another layer of protection to those hard to clean areas.



Allow your patients to keep your shoes on without dirtying your bed.


Foot Pad Armour offers a premium barrier to assist with contact surface cleaning between patients. 

These covers are used as additional protection on examination and treatment tables when footwear may be worn.  Further reducing cleaning needs and protecting your beds.

Suitable for all Medical and Allied Health clinics - Foot Pad Armour maximises your patient/practitioner safety; they also reduce clinic overheads with no laundering or paper covers required. This can, in turn, dramatically reduce your clinic's carbon footprint.

Dimensions:  1000mm (width)  X  650mm (length)


One size  to fit all beds

  • 1000mm (width) X 650mm (length)

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