Empower your staff

Our industries have seen a significant shift in the role of cleaning in our clinics and hospitals.

Cleaning between patients does not have to be a time-consuming activity. In most cases, such practice will be welcomed by patients and become the new "normal".

The key to streamline cleaning is to work with your staff to ensure this does not become extra work for practice owners/clinic managers.


Train all staff on:

  • How to optimize the firm fit of all covers, ensuring minimal creases, and optimal cleaning practices for different marks and stains.

    The covers should appear matt at all times and not be "shiny".
  • Reinforce that the appearance of their treatment room is paramount. Similar to how a tradesperson will look after their tools, clinicians rooms need to be clean and well presented for maximal client confidence.

  • Suggest a weekly deeper clean using a detergent-based cleaner.

  • Reward staff that look after their covers.

Cleaning of marks is a science and your staff will need to understand that adhesive and some makeup marks will need an alcohol based cleaner.  Massage and oil based marks will need detergent based cleaner.


    To help clinic owners we have updated our cleaning and fitting instructions.   We suggest sharing with your teams.

      1. Fitting video guide-  link  

    1. Cleaning video guide- link 

    These videos help with cleaning advice on how to best clean massage cream and make up stains.


    1. Set up staff with both detergent and alcohol based cleaning agents in their rooms.

    2. For stubborn stains use a pH neutral dishwashing, laundry or dishwasher detergent mixed with warm water.

    3. Ensure you launder and  clean your wash cloths regularly.

    4. Ensure optimal cover fit to reduce any bunching- this will make cleaning more difficult.

    5. The covers can be laundered but an on table deep clean will be just as effective.

    6. If laundering dry inside out.  Do not tumble dry, or dry in direct sunlight.   

    If you have any cleaning questions please contact our team at admin@clinicarmour.com.au


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