Sizing Guide

Scroll down to see you bed style and size.  Please work off total length not section length.   

All faceholes are 190mm in length including any custom designs.

All our covers have adjustable straps and elastic seams to ensure the best fit for your bed.

Measure your bed and choose the cover that best suits. 

Sizes below are based on a 50mm padded bed-  if your examination table has additional height please add the difference in height to the width and length required. 

i.e a Table 600mm x 1900mm with 80mm padding would require an additional 30mm each side and each end. So 60mm needs to be added to width and length measurements. 
Choose a cover 660mm x 1960mm.   


Treatment table with facehole

- link to purchase or read more 

Treatment table with extended face hole placement 

 link to purchase or read more

Treatment table with a face hole length of 150-200mm  

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Examination  Table - small

suits the main body of the table.  To read more link 



 Examination  Table medium

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 Examination  Table large

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Three piece Osteo Table  

suits Athlegen Osteo Mk 2