Custom Covers/Branded Options

We are able to create custom sizing and branded options for different size examination tables/pillows, beds or operating tables. 

Please contact our team direct to discuss your needs.

We can then work with you with design ideas and provide you with quotes based on sizing and branding options you may choose.  




Important brief on Labels: Not under warranty.

  • Complies with Australian Standards for clothing garments
  • Better longevity then screen-printing
  • Solvent based labels
  • Heat transfer labels – dry cleaning and ironing will lift labels and compromise quality.
  • Bleach, Acetone and some commercial based cleaners will effect colour and quality of labels.
  • UV tested
  • Friction – continuous rubbing will compromise label quality
  • If washed in normal washing machine with gentle solutions – manufacturer confident the labels will last over 50 washes.
  • Labels need to be cared for correctly and placed in area of least friction–manufacturer will not guarantee longevity or quality of labels as it depends on use of products.