Our first aid packages will be released 16th September 2021. 

We are able to accept orders and custom make prior to this. 
Please contact  for more information. 

We have options available for school and workplace first aid rooms.  Clinic Armour can enable a wipe down between use to maximise hygiene and reduce laundering. 

Clinic Armour offers a wide range of contact surface barriers for both examination covers and fitted sheets for beds. 

Our products use a premium medical grade material. 

Clinic Armour products do not require laundering and are easily cleaned with any approved cleaning chemical products you already use in your clinics.

MRSA Resistant and Autoclavable these products are perfect for Medical and Allied Health Clinics.


  • Anti Fungal and Anti Microbial

  • Quick dry

  • Suitable for most hospital grade medical cleaners.  Rapid spill cleanup

  • Soft and gentle for clients 

  • Non allergenic

  • Welded seams 

  • Save on laundering 



Reduce laundering time and costs. These covers can be fitted and as they are washed between clients they don't required laundering. Clinic Armour will pay for itself within weeks.  Read more- link