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What is Clinic Armour?

Clinic Armour offers a wide range of patient contact surface barriers from examination covers to washable pillow covers. Our products are specifically designed and tested for allied health, medical and specialist clinics.

Clinic Armour is also able to offer custom/bespoke hospital and surgical covers and products.

The material has been tested against many of the common cleaning agents. For approved cleaning products see the list below 

Protecting your business and your patients 

Clinic Armour products do not require laundering and are easily cleaned with any approved cleaning chemical products you already use in your clinics.

MRSA Resistant and Autoclavable these products are perfect for Medical and Allied Health Clinics.

  • Anti Fungal and Anti Microbial

  • Quick dry

  • Suitable for most hospital grade medical cleaners

  • Soft and gentle for clients 

  • Non allergenic

  • Welded seams 

  • Save on laundering 

Save on paper use and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Our covers reduce the need for paper barriers, saving the environment and thousand of dollars.  Read more on clinic cost analysis

The waterproof material with welded seams allows for covers to be wiped down between clients. 

Save on laundering

Reduce laundering time and costs. These covers can be fitted and as they are washed between clients they don't required laundering. Clinic Armour will pay for itself within weeks.  Read more- link 

Reduce waste

Optimise your clinic 

Many clinics have found that massage and cleaning products reduce the life of the bed covers.  Clinic Armour will save you $$ on reupholstering.  Compare costs

Use our Cover Sizing Guide to maximise the ideal cover type for your treatment tables  

Designed by health professionals for health professionals 

We have created multiple sizes to suit most medical and allied health examination tables 

Use our fitting guide to ensure the ultimate fit for your clinic.




Clinic Armour covers are an affordable and easy solution  to recover damaged or worn bed covers. Quickly transform a tired old bed into one your clients will feel comfortable laying on.

Save hundreds of dollars on recovering-  read our case study 

Use the scroll bar on the image to see before and after photos.


what our customer say about Clinic Armour

What our customer say about this product


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