Cleaning Clinic Armour Products

Clinic Armour uses Carrflex Extreme manufactured in Australia 


Our Clinic Armour products are designed to be washed/wiped down with approved cleaning agents.

The following procedure is our recommended cleaning strategy:

Cleaning Equipment required: soft, non abrasive cloth, cleaning agent in recommended concentrate.   Either spray bottle or wipes are recommended.  Dry towel

Prior to cleaning ensure the cover is fitted well with no loose areas. Firm fit not tight.

  1. Use an approved cleaning agent - link over the entire cover
  2. Spread using a suitable cloth
  3. Dry any excess cleaning agent off the surface with a dry towel to ensure a film residue from the cleaning agent doesn’t build up. This can leave the surface “shiny”  This can be removed using a biodegradable detergent based cleaner.
  4. The material has been tested against cleaning agents. Branded transfers may be damaged by some cleaning agents.  We recommend avoiding any excessive chemical exposure to any logo's and use detergent based cleaning in these areas.  

The normal cleaning instructions are to wipe the surface clean with a sponge or cloth with warm soapy water.

Clinic Armour covers can be washed in warm soapy water at up to 95°C.

Any products with logo branding should not be exposed to hot temperatures.  We recommend a cold or warm wash if laundering.      

Cleaning Product List


What is the best cleaning method?

Clinic Armour products are easily cleaned with medical grade disinfectant sprays or wipes.  Please be sure to read the manufacturers recommended cleaning instructions as these can vary significantly by product. Please see website.

As residue can remain, it is highly recommended you wipe down the material with warm water and mild detergent.

Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide and Citrus based cleaners are known to dry out and/or damage material over time. Please do not use these cleaners as your warranty will be waived.

Please see the full list of approved cleaning products -  link

Do the covers dry quickly after washing?

The speed of drying will depend on the cleaning product used and the air temperature and airflow.  For faster drying use a cleaning agent with higher alcohol content, or towel dry after washing.

Cleaning Massage Cream Residue off covers

Please follow the following link to see our recommended cleaning process if you notice any oily residue after massage cream contact- link

How long will the products typically last?

Each Clinic Armour Product carries a limited conditional warranty for 12 months from date of purchase. Based on historical use of the fabric in Medical environments we have found that with normal use and cleaning practices, the products will likely last for a minimum of 3 years.

My cover looks shiny?

The material is tested against against a list of cleaning agents. Please ensure your cleaning agent or the active ingredients are on the list.

Cleaning over printed logos

Important brief on Labels: Not under warranty.

  • Complies with Australian Standards for clothing garments
  • Better longevity then screen-printing
  • Solvent based labels
  • Heat transfer labels – dry cleaning and ironing will lift labels and compromise quality.
  • Bleach, Acetone and some commercial based cleaners will effect colour and quality of labels.
  • UV tested
  • Friction – continuous rubbing will compromise label
  • If washed in normal washing machine with gentle solutions – manufacturer confident the labels          will last over 50 washes.
  • Labels need to be used/cleaned correctly –manufacturer can not guarantee longevity of labels as it depends on use of products.
Additional Cleaning Tips

Do not use solvent , bleaches or adhesive cloth on CARRFLEX. Dry excess surface cleaning product off to ensure a film does not build up. CARRFLEX is able to be autoclaved at a temperature of 134°C for 3 minutes. However, care must be taken to first clean the surface with pure water and then to make sure mattresses and CARRFLEX covers are not stacked on top of each other without any air gap separation. Spacers should be placed between mattresses when a number of them are being autoclaved at the same time.

Dry Cleaning

CARRFLEX is dry-cleanable with all dry cleaning fluids except trichloroethylene.

Can I use a tumble dryer?

The Clinic Armour covers should not need to be tumble dried. 

Ironing advice

Do not iron CARRFLEX. 

How to store your covers when not in use

Store products in a cool dry area. Avoid excessive pressure and contact with non- colourfast materials